·Textile sizing agent/terylene series WJ-68
                    ·Textile sizing agent/terylene series WJ-68A
                    ·Textile sizing agent/terylene series WJ-68J
                    ·Textile sizing agent/chinlon series WJ-98
                    ·Textile sizing agent/chinlon series WJ-98A
                    ·Textile sizing agent/viscose series WJ-628
                    ·Textile sizing agent/sizing auxiliary agent
                    ·Textile aqueous latex
                             Wujiang Tianli Polymer Co.,Ltd. is located in Shengze in Wujiang city, and dedicates to R&D and manufacture of acrylic ester aqueous polymer latex and slurry. Products are mainly used in textile, architecture and other fields.

                           At present, our sale output for slurry and latex is about 30,000 tons. Textile sizing agent has got higher occupation and good reputation in the market.

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